Wednesday, 30 September 2009

This is a good photo, completely natural. It could have been used for the cover or the side story about the A levels. It however like the other images I did not use, does not seem to work with the magazine. It Is too much of a photo among friends then a magazine photo shot

This is another one of my photos which I did not use. It could have been used as my cover page however there were some flaws, one of which is there is too much room and even when cropped ect there were difficulties as the writting overlapped the two of us mainly over the heads.
My magazine has came out as good as I could have made it. I used the ability of all of the tools on photoshop to create the effects. The colours were picked as they suited the style, the reds were calming and blead well with the other colours. All my images were cropped and slightly altered to make them look more affective, there are still a few more picks to be added many of which however were not used in the final designs.

This was my first design. It was a basic model front cover for my magazine and used basic blue and white colours, the name of the magazine and style of it has never really changed as it was the best and more effective. The stories on the front are the same as those on my final design however the names of them are different on some. The layout at the start was ok however it was not appropriate for a magazine cover and was taking up too much unneccacery space

Monday, 28 September 2009

My Magazine is made from the same design and ideas as real magazines, we looked at alot of them inorder to get an impression of what was needed. Then I put those ideas into my magazine and tweaked them to fit into mine and make them more affective

This is my Contents Page. I used a bright red for the top of the page to outline the 'Contents' it also has a lovely effect on the page. I have added the photos I showed before to it inorder to show part of what they are about and to draw people more into the stories. Each story comes with a small caption on what it is about just like what you would see in a real magazine contents page however they cram everything in, mine is more spread out as there are fewer stories as it is only a school magazine. It is in a 'small fonts' font style as it looks more stylish and more like a magazine should
This is my Front cover. It has the background that ii showed before only cropped so that it fits better and shows of the construction more then the surrounding buildings. It is Called the 'Heworth Herald' as its a good snappy name and the font and style of the title can attract the reader. There are the side stories that I mentioned, they are used in only two colours for the stories, Red and Yellow, these are bright and make it seem very bright and attractive. The main story 'Renevations Underway' is at the bottom as it showes it off with its bold brash writing, it is also at the bottom and on the grass with a load of space around it showing that it is the main story. I have all other such items needed aswell with the barcode, the price and the Heworth grange Website Address.
I am almost complete for my Front cover and my contents pages,however there are a few small things that are needed to be added to them before they are shown. Such as small bits of text or logos like the arts college ect these will make my magazine much more professional

Here is a photo we took for one of the side stories. The 'Charity week showdown' it is to be shown as where the showdown will take place

This is a photo of me. It was used in the contents as a photo for one of my side stories about the A level results it however is not vary appropriate as it would have been better to have had a few people and have them with their results in their hands but it still shows the basic idea

This is one of our many pictures. I used it as the front cover for my magazine, as it is relevant to my main story about the school renevations. It has been cropped however so that it would look better on the cover, so ii removed a bit from the sides and from the top and bottom as u shall see in my final design

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

School magazine

I have created a basic outline for our magazine, although it is crude it still has the main title and website aswell as the heworth logo and some info on the stories inside