Monday, 30 November 2009

My main inspirations for this magazine and especially my main article that I am doing now have came from I used this website mainly for the development of my contents page. I also used for some extra inspirations for my front cover and to adapt my contents.
This is the very first draft of my main article, it is cheap and needs alot of work
This could be a possible photo for my main article, however it is too out of focus and the shot is not right as my models eyes do not look open but more a glare at the camera, the lighting in alot of my shots has caused problems as one side of my face has light across it making me look wrong.
I am doing preparations for my main article. I am thinking of using this photo for my main article, it is a good medium long shot, unlike most photos it is not in a normal pose but more like they are just walking past, it is more natural and I can use it for my story. However I am not sure as it is a bit blurred and out of focus so it all depends how it will look in my article.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I am going to start to work on my main article very soon, it will be on my main story about my band 'The Heartbreakers' and their sudden fame and success. I will be using my draught of the article to type it up, although some things might be changed inorder to make it alot better.
I had originally planned to use this pic for my front cover, however it would have made it too cramped and it would have looked really bad. The faces also look wrong and too grainy for the picture, the lighting also makes my face look half bright and half dark.
I did not use this in my magazine, however I did consider it to be used for my contents page. It is a medium close up shot of one of my models. I did not use it as the colour make it look more like a cartoon, and grainy and his look on his face is not right for what I needed.

Monday, 23 November 2009

I was thinking of using this picture for my front cover however it is too much of a pose, unlike the picture I used for my cover it just does not seem to work, the light that shines on my forehead makes it look very strange and not good for my cover. I also found out that when I cut it out it was too big for my front so when I reduced the size the resolution was completely wrong and the picture was too blurred
I was also thinking of using this photo however the light on my models face made his face look deformed and if I had of used it It would have been completely out of focus on that side. His face is also to happy/loving and we look to weird on this one. I t could have been used for my contents but I feel it just does not look right

This picture would have been used for my front cover exept my model did not realise it was taking the picture and so his face is completely wrong and it would just have looked weird, although my natural pose on this made it seem a good contender had his face had of been more natural I probably would have used it
This is another picture that I used on my contents page, it is a medium close up, I cropped down the photo and removed the background, when I took out the background I also cropped down my models hair inorder to give him a different look, he is meant to be a producer so this pose really made it look real, his ambitious and authority looking pose makes it all the better.
This picture I used for my contents page, it is a medium long shot, I first cropped down the picture so it would be easier to get rid of the background, then I used the 'background eraser tool' to remove the background so it could go on my contents. I chose this because eventhough one model is holding a stick it still manages to look effective as he is pointing it and looking directly at the camera/audience. It does not really look like they are posing it looks more natural unlike some of my photos.
This is the picture I used for my front cover, it is a medium long shot, although the resolution on this one does not look right I first removed the background using the 'remove the background' tool, next I went onto the picture features and made the resolution more able to fit the background of my cover. I had to make sure the size would fit the page without looking completely out of focus otherwise it would have completely ruined my magazine.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

This is my final copy of my contents page for my music magazine. I had inspiration from various contents pages but mainly from the Kerrang contents pages, with the title at the top left it allowed for a little quote at the top right to make it more authentic. All of the articles are down the left hand side with a small description of what they are about. The title, Contents, has been made to look bolder and I modified it so that their was an inner glow in it in order to make it stand out. The pictures are down the right hand side, the picture at the top is off my main band The Heartbreaks in order to show off just how popular they really are to the readers, it is a medium long shot as it is just below their waist, even though the model to the right is holding a stick it just seemed to fit although I had doubts it just seems to work with the page. The picture below is not linked to the article like the first but it is an article, the picture is their to accompany the article and show off the new producer so they all know what he looks like. I have added the website to the top left just under the 'contents', it is their to get people onto the website, I put it on the contents as it shows that their are more stories on the website then in the magazine. Like most magazine contents pages I chose a regular white background as their is no need for a colourfull one, it fits the conventions.
This is my final copy of my Front Cover of my music magazine. It took a while to find a version that I not only liked but also matched the specifics of a normal rock magazine. The colours on this took a little while to find the right balance as not many seemed to fit the background. The background itself was changed in order to make it look better instead of a regular and boring white background, it looks more like they are on stage then just posing for the camera in front of a background. I often changed the background to find ones that worked, I also kept checking other fonts to see if they made it look better and more authentic however my original font from before looked just fine. I added the date, issue number and price to it although I left out the website as I planned that to go on the contents page. I have used well known bands in my articles, this is not only interesting stories but because they are well known they will attract readers and increase popularity of the magazine and it looks quite effective and authentic. I moved my models so that one of their heads (the tallest one) is covering the name of the magazine, just like the conventions of a normal magazine. The bulk of the writing/articles are on the bottom in order to show of the models so that the reader can see who they are looking at. At the bottom there is the free item that comes with a magazine, in this one it is a free poster of Linkin Park, the free gifts are usually either posters or a CD. For the price of the magazine, £2.50, I used my market research/questionnaire results to find the most fair resulting price, the price is mid-way between what I researched as the most expensive magazine and the cheapest. This Front cover has a bold title that stands out, the models are almost in the middle however are slightly to the left which if you look carefully is acctually a convention of a magazine. I also have a very small convention that many do not notice, the bar code.

Monday, 16 November 2009

So far I have today, changed the background on my front page, it went from a plain white background with the models behind the title to me moving the models so they were in front of the title and the background was changed to a lighting effect background with red lights shining as if they were on stage, I also added the number of the issue. On my contents page I fiddled with the positions of the featured articles and found that if I reduced them in size I could make it look better and I would have more room to add more articles, so I added three more featured articles. I have also put on a picture of my main band at the top right to show them off a bit more and I have added a model picture below them, this picture leads to an article about the picture. I may tweak the pictures slightly as they do not seem to be exactly perfect however I will also soon start on my main article but keep looking back to the front page and contents just to make sure they work.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I have removed the picture from my contents page and I am going to plan it a bit more inorder to make it better and more like a music magazine, I am still taking my inspiration from Kerrang, so I will look at that for help in finishing my contents page.

Monday, 9 November 2009

This is the second, improved draft of my contents page. The inspiration was taken from a kerrang contents page, it is a great design and perfect for mine. There are 3 main fonts in my contents page, in order to keep with the convention of other magazines, it keeps things simple and easy to read. All the stories are down the left hand side making it easier for them to find, with the pictures on the right hand side, each picture is a representation of the articles. At the top right hand corner is a quote from 'Bart McCracken' from 'The Used', this shows us a little bit of an interview and what is in the magazine. The picture at the bottom may or may not go, however there is work that needs to be done on it as it does not look right, the shot of the model is a medium close up shot. Putting the photos of the 'superstars' on the right hand side will attract the reader onto the page and if the picture is attractive enough it will attract the reader to the page that that person is on, meaning they will read the stories with more interest and wanting to read the article means they will buy the magazine. Each main title is made to stand out by it being made bright yellow with an outer glow, and to make it stand out more it has a black rectangle around it, this also makes it look more professional and stand out.
This is the first draft of my main article about my band
The Heartbreakers 'only in this life'

In this we look at the newest band in the rock charts, ‘The Heartbreakers’ as they put forward everything about their life and how they started out to where they are now. Our reporter Daniel Harding asked them one simple question, not a series like all the others, he wanted to know everything about them and to show their lives, the ups and the downs.
‘How was this sudden Fame accomplished, and what plans do you have for the future’

The Heartbreakers, are the newest band to hit the music world, their first song 'only in this life' hit the number 3 spot last week climbing an amazing 73 places in just one week. This success was only achieved not only to the fact that their music is, in my mind good, but to the fact of their advertising. The band consists of 2 lead singers/guitarists and an on and off drummer (sometimes different people). The leading two are brothers Andrew (20) and Lee (22) Farrow, from Atlanta Georgia, the two both had troubling childhoods, with only their mother and grandmother to support them, they had to make their own way in life. They say their inspiration started from when they were young, as their grandmother bought them an acoustic guitar they slowly learned to play it alongside several other instruments including the violin and the drums. They say that they are spurred on by the memory of their grandmother who sadly passed away just 3 years ago, and that their songs are based on real life situations, they use music to show the real pain, as well as happiness, of the world, however a main bulk of their songs are on relationships, as they both admit to their fair shares of disappointment. Their main 2 hits on their album are of course the albums name song 'only in this life' and their other chart climber coming in at number 19 'Heartache'. These two songs are based on their real life experiences, as 'Heartache' was written only just 1 week after Andrew broke up with his beloved girlfriend, and 'Only in this life' is about the true facts of life and the problems in it. In the past week the brothers have said to written many other songs ready for their debut album release in just 2 months time, this is strange to release an album this early on and especially only just after their sudden success however the brothers and their manager have said that many of the songs the had already performed and taped in their spare time. The brothers used to work small time pubs and clubs before hitting the charts, this allowed them to earn enough income and the free time to pursue other things, they had even backed up two major bands at gigs in Atlanta, Nickelback and Kings of Leon, they quoted that 'Just to be their was amazing, but supporting them was just such an honour, especially Nickelback they are our favourite band we have always loved them, and performing and meeting them was so fantastic, truly one of our greatest and best nights'
In our interview with the brothers they stated much about their family life and their mother and grandmother, and their relationships and life. They both have had many ups and downs in their lives and have said ' Our music is our way of expressing how we feel, and indeed how we think others feel, our music is used to make people think about their lives and to reach to the hearts of people'. We look forward to their album and to the future, they already have a major fan base and their website ' www.' has over 6 thousand hits, all of which rearing up to buy their new album, and they hope to release many more and instead of support gigs, they hope to do a few gigs of their own and hope for a long run in the music industry however they do understand that it will take time and money to succeed. Their manager, Barry Roberto Angelino, insists that they will make it big and is already planning for gigs across America and the United kingdom, 'They are not just like every other rock band, they have something special about them and they prove this in their songs, I can see them making it very big. They have the experience and the maturity to go far, I am not saying it will be easy, not at all, but in my mind they are among the best bands not just in rock but overall'. The brothers are now on holiday in Spain on a relaxing cruise however its hard times ahead for the pair if they want make it big, and with all the other new bands emerging, and old ones making brand new tunes, they have to really fight to keep their place at the top.
Near the end of their long talk about their lives and what they done, Daniel asked a few other, some not very relevant questions to see what kind of people they really are.
‘What do you do in your spare time?’
We don’t really get much free time to be honest, even when we do were always busy writing new songs, its just become a habit that we have, we do sometimes put the pen and guitars down and when we do we always try and beat each other on the xbox 360 or go play golf, golf helps relax and allows you time to think just like music does. We always have one day a week to find something to not only relax us but to help someone or something out, it’s very rewarding we have helped homeless find homes and supported many causes for the environment, don’t get us mistaken with environmentalists we are not stupid, we just try to do a little to help towards our and the next generations futures’
‘Did use at any point think you would get this far and in such a short space of time?’
Well if were honest no, we just started it as a hobby, we loved music and we loved playing it, it just developed into a way of making money, playing in pubs and clubs allowed us a steady income, until of course Barry saw us playing in his local put just outside Atlanta, we were shocked at first but from then onwards he told us and made us believe that we could do this and it has all came true, we are so thank full to Barry and all he has done for us, he has been like a father to us both, we could not have done this without him and we love him for everything he has done, not just business but personally for us we really truly love him’
‘As you know, there is a lot of drugs in the world of music, so I was just wondering if use have at some point in your lives can admit to being part of this?’
Well like most people we have smoked cigarettes, both of us have in our teen years we are willing to admit that, however in our upbringing we learnt the truth about drugs, especially since many of our friends when younger fell for drugs, but together we learnt not to go for them, we supported each other, we always have and we did during the time we spent quitting smoking, we have never once touched anything other then that of a cigarette.
‘This is my final question, I promise. If use could choose which band to imitate other then of course your idols Nickelback, who would it be?’
Well that is a hard one, especially since we live for Nickelback, this is hard like, we have many other bands that we love and that we would adore to be compared to however other then Nickelback
There are a lot of good bands, one of our favourites is Fall out Boy however the band we would most like to be like has to be Guns’n’Roses, we find their music to be so brilliant, they are our mothers favourite band so when growing up she made us listen to them and we grew to love them, they are well known and well loved by thousands possibly millions. It would be an honour to be compared to them but we have a long way to go yet, we would love someday to meet them and like we have done before, we would consider it an honour to play beside them or even to just be the support act for such a famous band’
At the end of the interview, we quickly asked the manager,
‘Have you ever in your mind thought that this quick success could lead to a problem later on?’
No, they are very professional and this quick success has not went to their heads, they are keeping calm and look positively towards the future. I have great faith in them both, if any problems do come up you can be assured they will face it head on and not be like so many others and just wimp out, they are strong in body and in mind’

In our interview they never hesitated and never asked to skip anything, they are so focused on their goals and they wish to spread their thoughts and feelings with others. They were humble and very happy to help. Look out for the future for these two, they are predicted to be very big in the music world and we have been promised that we have only seen the start of them, they have said they will think of getting a permanent drummer in order to move forward with their music, there is a lot more to come from these brothers and we will be with them every step of the way.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This article is on 'Florence and The Machine'. This comes from the popular music magazine Mojo. They call their main articles on new and popular music bands ' Mojo Rising' which looks at new bands coming into the music scene. The picture for this, like on my other reviewed article, is at the top of the page, it is a close up shot of 'Florence', however she is not looking into the camera like the others, she looks away from it, as if she is staring into space or day dreaming, possible of things to come. Their is a little caption, about the band, at the top right hand corner of the page giving a little extra information. Their is the bold title in the middle of the page, sepperating the picture from the article itself, it is white with a red background inorder to add more colour to the page and draw in the reader, the name for this sort of article 'Mojo Rising' is jsut above this hidden in the dark, black background around 'Florence'. The writting has a red circle with a yellow quote in it, to again give more information for the reader. Their is a small bit at the bottom right with the title 'More Mojo' this shows you what is going to be on the next page with a small picture of the next page. The colour scheme uses White, Yellow and Red on this page with only one font.
This is a samller then my article but it still shows how an article can be set out in a magzine. This is from kerrang, a very popular music magazine, this article is on green days newest album '21st CenturyBreakdown'. The medium long shot of the band at the top of the page is a common convention of articles form this specific magazine, with the band standing in a common relaxed pose staring straight at the camera as if they are looking direct at the reader. The bold white title is in the direct centre inorder to catch the readers eye, the word 'EXCLUSIVE' give the point to the reader that this is one and only, hard to get and is very important to read as you wont get another chance till it comes out. All the text is in a small print inorder to fit it all in at the bottom of the article, like all articles the frist few words are all in capitals onroder to start of by drawing the reader to them and hold the reader in. A picture of the bands album is part of the picture, just infront of the band to show you what it looks like.

This is from the well known magazine 'NME'. NME is a popular british magazine for all types of people but maily for ages 14-25. The same genre applies with the articles down the right hand side of the contents, with bold titles pointing out what each bit is about. Down the right is a list of all the bands in the magazine with the page that they are each on. At the bottom their is the chance to subscribe to the magazine, giving all the details how. This only uses Three basic colours, Black, Red and White, with yellow for the subscription part of the magazine. The main article takes up the most room on the page with a large picture that shows what the story is about and the page number that it is on, it also has a very large title showing that it is more important than the other magazines and is in a much bolder font. The title for it is not like others, instead of 'contents' it says 'NME THIS WEEK' which moves away from the regular genre of magazines. All of the articles and text is all surrounding the main articles picture as if it towers over them. All the writing in this is written in the same font as that of the main title, just different sizes and colours. Another little hidden feature is the date of the magazine just underneath the name in the top right of the page.

This is my main inspiration for my contents page. It comes from Kerrang, with the title 'contents' just hidden in the top right, with all the stories going down below it. The conventions of most magazines of this genre is to have the front cover of the magazine on the page somewhere such as on this one with it in the top left. The pictures of the bands/artists are all on the left hand side, these each with their page number and a small description are the main stories for the magazine. This only uses 3 basic colours, White, Black and Yellow to keep it simple. Another little hidden secret is the chance at the bottom right to apply for the magazine so that it is delivered to your door, subscribe to the magazine.

Monday, 2 November 2009

I have done the firts rough draft of my article, although it is not really question and answer it is in the form of an article and does answer all the questions that are needed,although the questions are not really asked.