Wednesday, 18 November 2009

This is my final copy of my Front Cover of my music magazine. It took a while to find a version that I not only liked but also matched the specifics of a normal rock magazine. The colours on this took a little while to find the right balance as not many seemed to fit the background. The background itself was changed in order to make it look better instead of a regular and boring white background, it looks more like they are on stage then just posing for the camera in front of a background. I often changed the background to find ones that worked, I also kept checking other fonts to see if they made it look better and more authentic however my original font from before looked just fine. I added the date, issue number and price to it although I left out the website as I planned that to go on the contents page. I have used well known bands in my articles, this is not only interesting stories but because they are well known they will attract readers and increase popularity of the magazine and it looks quite effective and authentic. I moved my models so that one of their heads (the tallest one) is covering the name of the magazine, just like the conventions of a normal magazine. The bulk of the writing/articles are on the bottom in order to show of the models so that the reader can see who they are looking at. At the bottom there is the free item that comes with a magazine, in this one it is a free poster of Linkin Park, the free gifts are usually either posters or a CD. For the price of the magazine, £2.50, I used my market research/questionnaire results to find the most fair resulting price, the price is mid-way between what I researched as the most expensive magazine and the cheapest. This Front cover has a bold title that stands out, the models are almost in the middle however are slightly to the left which if you look carefully is acctually a convention of a magazine. I also have a very small convention that many do not notice, the bar code.

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