Wednesday, 18 November 2009

This is my final copy of my contents page for my music magazine. I had inspiration from various contents pages but mainly from the Kerrang contents pages, with the title at the top left it allowed for a little quote at the top right to make it more authentic. All of the articles are down the left hand side with a small description of what they are about. The title, Contents, has been made to look bolder and I modified it so that their was an inner glow in it in order to make it stand out. The pictures are down the right hand side, the picture at the top is off my main band The Heartbreaks in order to show off just how popular they really are to the readers, it is a medium long shot as it is just below their waist, even though the model to the right is holding a stick it just seemed to fit although I had doubts it just seems to work with the page. The picture below is not linked to the article like the first but it is an article, the picture is their to accompany the article and show off the new producer so they all know what he looks like. I have added the website to the top left just under the 'contents', it is their to get people onto the website, I put it on the contents as it shows that their are more stories on the website then in the magazine. Like most magazine contents pages I chose a regular white background as their is no need for a colourfull one, it fits the conventions.

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