Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This article is on 'Florence and The Machine'. This comes from the popular music magazine Mojo. They call their main articles on new and popular music bands ' Mojo Rising' which looks at new bands coming into the music scene. The picture for this, like on my other reviewed article, is at the top of the page, it is a close up shot of 'Florence', however she is not looking into the camera like the others, she looks away from it, as if she is staring into space or day dreaming, possible of things to come. Their is a little caption, about the band, at the top right hand corner of the page giving a little extra information. Their is the bold title in the middle of the page, sepperating the picture from the article itself, it is white with a red background inorder to add more colour to the page and draw in the reader, the name for this sort of article 'Mojo Rising' is jsut above this hidden in the dark, black background around 'Florence'. The writting has a red circle with a yellow quote in it, to again give more information for the reader. Their is a small bit at the bottom right with the title 'More Mojo' this shows you what is going to be on the next page with a small picture of the next page. The colour scheme uses White, Yellow and Red on this page with only one font.

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