Monday, 9 November 2009

This is the second, improved draft of my contents page. The inspiration was taken from a kerrang contents page, it is a great design and perfect for mine. There are 3 main fonts in my contents page, in order to keep with the convention of other magazines, it keeps things simple and easy to read. All the stories are down the left hand side making it easier for them to find, with the pictures on the right hand side, each picture is a representation of the articles. At the top right hand corner is a quote from 'Bart McCracken' from 'The Used', this shows us a little bit of an interview and what is in the magazine. The picture at the bottom may or may not go, however there is work that needs to be done on it as it does not look right, the shot of the model is a medium close up shot. Putting the photos of the 'superstars' on the right hand side will attract the reader onto the page and if the picture is attractive enough it will attract the reader to the page that that person is on, meaning they will read the stories with more interest and wanting to read the article means they will buy the magazine. Each main title is made to stand out by it being made bright yellow with an outer glow, and to make it stand out more it has a black rectangle around it, this also makes it look more professional and stand out.

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