Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This is a samller then my article but it still shows how an article can be set out in a magzine. This is from kerrang, a very popular music magazine, this article is on green days newest album '21st CenturyBreakdown'. The medium long shot of the band at the top of the page is a common convention of articles form this specific magazine, with the band standing in a common relaxed pose staring straight at the camera as if they are looking direct at the reader. The bold white title is in the direct centre inorder to catch the readers eye, the word 'EXCLUSIVE' give the point to the reader that this is one and only, hard to get and is very important to read as you wont get another chance till it comes out. All the text is in a small print inorder to fit it all in at the bottom of the article, like all articles the frist few words are all in capitals onroder to start of by drawing the reader to them and hold the reader in. A picture of the bands album is part of the picture, just infront of the band to show you what it looks like.

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