Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This is from the well known magazine 'NME'. NME is a popular british magazine for all types of people but maily for ages 14-25. The same genre applies with the articles down the right hand side of the contents, with bold titles pointing out what each bit is about. Down the right is a list of all the bands in the magazine with the page that they are each on. At the bottom their is the chance to subscribe to the magazine, giving all the details how. This only uses Three basic colours, Black, Red and White, with yellow for the subscription part of the magazine. The main article takes up the most room on the page with a large picture that shows what the story is about and the page number that it is on, it also has a very large title showing that it is more important than the other magazines and is in a much bolder font. The title for it is not like others, instead of 'contents' it says 'NME THIS WEEK' which moves away from the regular genre of magazines. All of the articles and text is all surrounding the main articles picture as if it towers over them. All the writing in this is written in the same font as that of the main title, just different sizes and colours. Another little hidden feature is the date of the magazine just underneath the name in the top right of the page.

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