Monday, 16 November 2009

So far I have today, changed the background on my front page, it went from a plain white background with the models behind the title to me moving the models so they were in front of the title and the background was changed to a lighting effect background with red lights shining as if they were on stage, I also added the number of the issue. On my contents page I fiddled with the positions of the featured articles and found that if I reduced them in size I could make it look better and I would have more room to add more articles, so I added three more featured articles. I have also put on a picture of my main band at the top right to show them off a bit more and I have added a model picture below them, this picture leads to an article about the picture. I may tweak the pictures slightly as they do not seem to be exactly perfect however I will also soon start on my main article but keep looking back to the front page and contents just to make sure they work.

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