Monday, 8 November 2010

Analysing the papers
I have not only looked at the papers themselves but at the websites that they have, such as, when you compare this with one of the papers such as the Independent or even the paper of the website The Evening Chronicle there are many good and bad features in both.

When we look closely at the website we see the differences as well as similarities. For one the Website does not have much more in the way of stories, however it does show all the stories including if you search ones from the weeks before.
Its layout is easier to find then in the paper's and at the bottom their is the 'Breaking News' which brings the news as its coming, allowing you to be up to date while your on. The conventions of a Newspaper is the small print writing, however this is hard for some people to read, when online you can alter the size of the page and the writing making it easier for those with reading difficulties.

The problems now though is many of these Newspaper websites are making people pay for the content, the easiness and cost effectiveness of the online paper is starting to disappear. For many the newspaper is an 'on the go thing' it provides something to read when you are on the train/bus or while at home with nothing to do, the Internet is not always accessed by everyone, there are still many without it.

Overall looks

In the end the Bold and outstanding headlines that really draw you in are only in the papers, the online news is not as hard and aggressive or emotional as the newspapers. The conventions of the Newspaper are its bold headlines, the way it is set out, the large and often unnecessary pictures, all have tried to be moved online, with minimal success. Often found are that the way the stories are wrote is different in the paper then online eventhough overall the story is exactly the same.
Newspapers also differ in their offers, often the paper will give something away free with it, along with other offers inside such as quizes to win prizes, wheras online this gift is not there, the offers are but these are often not worth it or lack any real influence for people to want to enter them.
Other Papers
There are many Newspapers, these include theNewcastle and sunderland Echo, these websites are less kept up to date with colour and looks, inorder to not drive their readers away from the real touch on the paper

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