Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A2 Media Proposal:

For my year 13 media practical production i am going to be working by myself in order to create a Newspaper with one major story and two other Articles, all three of these i have to make up and create on my own and with my own design and name. I will also have to produce a radio advert for my Newspaper which will outline how my Newspaper can bring the best information for the public and should draw them in and a poster to advatise my newpaper to the public. I decided to do this as it seems very interesting and working on my own to create it will be a good challenge for me and provide some great experience.

I will be looking towards all genres of Newspapers such as The truly hard hitting and political ones, The Chronicle/Daily Mail, and the other more Sport related and real to life specified ones such as The Sun, however it also includes Politics it usually cartoons them and makes them into practical jokes . Both are two of the most sold Newspapers in the country.

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