Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Article and Story Ideas:
I have decided to go with a Newspaper more like The Sun rather then any others, however i will of course look at others for inspiration and guidance. Therefore my paper will consist a current event in the sports world as well as a hard hitting story, as well as things political or governmental.

For my three Featured stories i have came up originally with 6 ideas to choose from. I want a hard hitting story for my main one, something related to a current event for one the others for example something to do with a TV show/series and finally i decided to go with a football related accident.
I have gotten down to these six, only three of which i could choose:

1. The Death Penalty Debate
2. A Policeman saves a life

Side Articles:
1. Xfactor star scandal
2. Celebrity binge fight
3. Manager caught cheating
4. England Player injury

From these six, i have to choose 2 side articles and one from the Main.

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